Summer Storage

Summer Storage

SUMMER Storage:    REQUEST DEADLINE 04/14/17    PAYMENT DUE 04/24/17

Below you will find IMPORTANT information regarding summer storage of your leased property with us.


Please keep in mind, any storage this summer will still require the paperwork and procedures to be followed below:
1. Complete Summer Storage Release Form
2. ALL tenants MUST sign Summer Storage Release Form
3. Submit Summer Storage Release Form to the rental office no later than 04/14/2017
4. If approved, you will need to pay for storage no later than 04/24/17

This information is for anyone who has a signed lease with our agency for this year or next term and is interested in Summer Storage. The Summer Storage “RELEASE” form MUST to be returned as instructed below. “CURRENT TENANTS” refers to the tenants who have signed the school term lease, either 16-17 or 17-18. This will be on a first come first serve basis

If you are interested in Summer Storage and are given permission, the tenants agree that the LANDLORD and/or AGENCY will not, at any time or under any circumstance, be responsible for loss, damage or theft of such property stored. Furthermore, all “Current Tenants” must sign a release agreeing that LANDLORD AND/OR AGENCY will not be responsible for cleaning, repairs, maintenance, or the condition of the apartment/house where items are being stored.

The charge for SUMMER STORAGE is $500.00 per room. We do not clean or provide maintenance in any room that is used for storage. All Summer Storage Requests must be submitted no later than April 14, 2017. All monies must be paid and signed releases received by April 24, 2017. If the release is not completely executed or received, you will not be permitted to store and all items left will be disposed.

Please keep in mind, completion and submittal of forms does not give you permission to store/lease. It provides us with information to determine what properties will be available

Summer Storage Release Form

Please note that printable floor plans of your property are available on this website. Go to your property listing.

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